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Fearing drop in news stories, news channels campaign for hung assembly in Delhi

18, Jan 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. In a rare show of unity, all the Indian news channels have come together to campaign as one for the upcoming assembly elections in Delhi. This will be a strategic campaign to ensure Delhi gets another hung verdict and they continue to run stories on Delhi politics.

As per our sources in the media, there is a genuine fear among reporters about the lack of newsworthy stories and if Delhi also gets a stable government then that will take away 100 hrs of weekly news and debates.

Media Coverage
Media guys campaigning in their own style.

Delhi politics has been the staple diet of news channels since November 2013 when campaigning began for the assembly elections and since then, there have been 458 opinion polls and 1,36,875 debates on ‘Who will form next Government in Delhi’.

As per our sources, opinion poll agencies have also agreed to join news channels in this campaign as they have made more money out of Delhi than the rest of India combined in last 15 months and they don’t want to turn off this revenue source.

Speaking to Faking News, an editor of a leading English news channel said, “See, this is an evergreen topic. People like suspense dramas and here we have a perfect one. Who will form Government, with whose support, who will be CM, who will join which party, who will get caught in next sting? There are so many questions and we are creating more by the day. People are hooked and they will be for the next few months at least. Why should we take away this excitement from them?”

“If we are not covering Delhi elections, we are discussing secular fabric of the country and frankly, nobody gives a damn about idea of India and secular fabric any more. Saturation limit has been crossed there while Delhi is like the gift that keeps on giving. The nation still wants to know,” he went on to add.

As per our sources, every news channel will deploy reporters to urge Delhi voters to vote exactly how they voted in December 2013. We may see alcohol and money being freely distributed by news channels as well as they are not covered under model code of conduct.

Meanwhile, news channels are also preparing a back-up plan for worst case scenario and have enrolled news anchors in Geography classes to learn that India has other states too apart from Delhi.