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Fearing news scarcity after elections, News Channel asks Dawood Ibrahim to release new audio tape

20, Dec 2017 By itsmihir1993

After relentlessly covering the Gujarat Legislative Assembly Elections for more than three months, News Channels are facing a difficult time as the polls are coming to an end with the election results.

The possible dearth of sensational substance in the post-result period has forced journalists at a news channel to urge underworld don Dawood Ibrahim to send them a fresh audio tape, which they can air to garner TRPs.

Journalists employed at the English News channel, who got in touch with Dawood Ibrahim over a phone call, also recorded the call to ensure that they can air the phone conversation if Dawood refuses to release the audio tape. However, the news channel could not record Dawood’s voice as the journalist did not let him speak. “Our journalist cum news anchor thought he was on a debate, so he did not let Dawood speak at all, which forced him to hang up,” said the producer. If sources are to be believed, the journalists went a step further and demanded the latest photograph of the wanted don to air it on their channel.

After things blew out of proportion, the producer dropped Dawood an email to apologise for the aggressive behaviour of the journalist and politely asked him to release them an audio tape. “If he doesn’t release an audio tape, we will inform the government of India about his whereabouts. We know that he is in Pakistan, and nothing can stop us from informing this to the government of India,” said the producer.

However, Dawood remained unaffected by the threats. He said, “Doesn’t the government already know where I am? Narendra Modi, in his 2014 election campaign, had said ‘Kashmir nahi, Karachi lenge,’ and Indians voted him to the post of prime minister for it, LOL. I hope NaMo flies to Karachi and we can have diplomacy talks someday, like he had with Nawaz Sharif.”

Meanwhile, the news channel is planning to air a face-off which will show two of its news anchors fight in the newsroom to maintain the TRPs until Dawood can rescue them.