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Fed up of reading lame articles defending TOI, reader requests Deepika to forgive TOI

25, Sep 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Mumbai: Jagannath Mutthu, an ardent TOI reader for past 20 year is feeling disillusioned. The standoff between Deepika Padukone and Time of India has gone to the lengths he had never imagined.

As TOI went shooting itself in the toe by publishing clarifications after clarification, The Bombay Times readers are enraged that it now carries more clarification than the pictures of cleavages celebrities.

Forgive them Deepika.

This strange development has left loyal TOI readers perplexed. Many of them are even considering switching back to better magazines and websites even if they have to shell out little extra from their pocket.

“I don’t pay 4-5 rupees daily to read the news that I can access for free through internet or TV. When I wake up in the morning I look for something nice in the paper. Earlier I used to find sneaky-peaky pics of celebrities that would pop my eyes open instantly. But since last week I am seeing only lengthy boring articles on Bombay Times defending TOI,” said an angry Jagannath Mutthu.

“I mean why TOI has to be so concerned about the brand image that never existed? Who took you seriously ever? You don’t stand to lose anything, so stop pretending. If the trauma of not being able to find scantily dressed celebs pics in the daily newspaper was not enough, TOI is preaching morality!!! When you publish articles taking a moral high and hashtag them with #CleavageGate irony dies a 1000 times. Imagine, first you spoil us with daily dose of sleaze, making all the money in the process and then act as if those celebrities were at fault,” Mutthu told Faking News.

“Dear Deepika, only you can save us from this daily ‘Emotional Atyachaar’. Just forgive them once so that they stop torturing us with moronic defense they are putting up. As they say that whether the glass is half-full or half-empty depends upon the attitude of people. So while doing a photo shoot, others might see a model as half clothed, TOI sees it as half naked,” Mutthu explained TOI’s mentality to Faking News reporter Shaitaan Khopdi™.