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Five points which prove "Sources" are actually a form of God

23, Jan 2015 By idiot420

“Source” in reality is a name given by media people to an unknown central power they believe in, just like God. Faking News brings to you five interesting facts about the Source which prove that he is almost a kind of God.

Arnab Goswami
“I pray to Source everyday”

1. Nobody from media questions Source, even if they feel he was wrong in giving them information. They simply accept it as Source’s will, just like most of us try to convince ourselves calling it God’s wish, if something unexpectedly wrong happens with us. Wisdom of Source is unquestionable, just like that of God. The Source is allowed to take as many U-turns he wants to. It’s all about belief. Media guys have faith in the Source, and they think of whatever they say as Source’s wish.

2. Many in the media claim to have met Source, but they don’t have any proof to show. It’s almost like some saints who claim that they have met God, but have no proof. Truth is, nobody from media has ever seen or talked to the Source. Whatever they believe Source is telling them is actually what they think inside their head.

3. Just like human beings are doing worst things in the name of God, media guys say whatever they want in the name of Source. To a large extent, both God and Source are victim of their own followers. However, just like God, even Source doesn’t give much damn about those things and has never come forward to give clarification about the wrongdoings of his followers.

4. Just like God is the creator of the universe, Source is the creator of media industry. It is Source who is feeding those 24X7 news channels, as they keep showing breaking news revealed by Source.

5. Source treats every media person equally irrespective of which media house they belong to. Whether his follower belongs to a small time newspaper or to a big news channel, it doesn’t matter to him. All that matters is who is remembering him with greater love. Psychologically, Source is almost same as the God.