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Frustrated Panelists demand WhatsApp facility for noise hour after Arnab stopped them every time they tried to say something

18, Oct 2015 By dasu

Mumbai: As per our sources, recently members of NHFPA (Noise hour frustrated panelists association) met the top brass of TimesNow channel and complained about Arnab Goswami.

Arnab not letting anyone speak in his trademark style
Arnab not letting anyone speak in his trademark style

We got a copy of the letter they have submitted to the channel management. As per the letter they have mentioned, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to participate in debate as Arnab does not allow them to speak their mind.

One of the panelist could not open his mouth even though he was invited for a week to participate in the debate. He said, “Every time I tried to say something, Arnab will stop me. I went through the recorded version to find out close to 37 times I tried, every time I have been stopped. Not even a single line I was able to complete on the show. Accepted the invitation, thought being a professor who has done lot of research on the topic debate was happening or may I say supposed to happen, I will be able to say something. After such humiliation what kind of respect I can command from my students or for that matter from my wife.”

“First of all it is very difficult to say something with so much noise around. On top of this Arnab will not allow you to speak and will shout repeatedly answer what I am asking, do not change the topic. Think from panelist’s perspective, how can one convey something when he is not allowed to speak,” Panelist said.

Panelist added, “As part of NHFPA letter we have asked for few specific details. Has channel tried to find out when close to 30 odd panelist attend every day noise hour, how many lines they were able to convey properly vs the number of lines Arnab shouts in his show. We need to know the microphone given to all of us and Arnab Goswami. It seems there is no level playing field. I guess he has much better microphone than all other panelists have.”

“Arnab is often repeating nation wants to know, we also want to convey what nation wants to know. Let them allow a text based messaging app like WhatsApp, we will put our views and let there be a debate for a change without microphone,” he continued.

“In addition we have suggested to the management to run satisfaction survey among the panelists after the show and they should consider the feedback while doing appraisal for Mr. Goswami,” Panelist said

When we asked the panelist what would be their next action plan in case management takes no action.  He said, “We will be forced to boycott the show and please note it will not be easy to ignore us as powerful party spokespersons like Sanjay Jha and Sambit Patra who have suffered the most are also with us and they have assured us that they will raise the issue in parliament if channel do not take any action.”