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Govts ban on loudspeakers after 10pm may now cover noisy news channel debates too

04, Sep 2017 By @jurnoleast

Sources from Information and Broadcasting Ministry have hinted that the curb on loudspeakers after 10pm will extend to news channel debates that cross set decibel limits. The decision was taken after the Ministry received several complaints from citizens regarding the increasing noise levels of debates.

“We have been getting emails on a daily basis from people asking us to somehow tone down the screaming and shouting. Though we cannot do away with debates, we thought of bringing them under 10pm deadline,” said a highly placed official.

High decibel levels lead to noise pollution and it has detrimental effect on not just humans but animals too.

Delhi based banker Rajiv Arora narrates how his pet dog developed inferiority complex after watching a debate. “My Tommy is not the same anymore. He refuses to bark and just sits quietly in the corner. The fact that someone can bark better than him seems to have hurt his ego,” said the banker.

Though citizens have welcomed the move, news channels have accused the Govt of taking away their bread and butter.

Popular news anchor Arnab Goswami called the Govts move impulsive and also put forth data showing how Republic TV was way ahead of its competitors, indicating the popularity of his debate.

“I attend screaming classes twice a week to hone my debating skills. If the deadline comes into effect, my career is doomed,” said another anchor who didn’t wish to be named.