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Grammatically correct and without any typos, the tweets were not by Bhai: Salman fan

27, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Salman Khan may have retracted his tweet and apologized, but the controversy surrounding his tweet refuses to die down. At the receiving end of this fiasco are millions of Salman fans who are now scavenging for excuses as to why ‘Bhai’ could have tweeted something like this.

Salman Khan after reading his own grammatically correct tweet.
Salman Khan after reading his own grammatically correct tweet.

Many fans of the superstar who previously believed that ‘bhai can do no wrong’, were shocked when news of Salman’s retraction was flashed across the media.

But majority of the fans still refuse to believe that the actor posted the controversial tweet.

Speaking to Faking News a die-hard Salman fan said, “Look at the tweet ‘1 innocent man killed is killing the humanity’. It is grammatically correct. There is no typo. Have you ever seen bhai tweet like this. It is clear that it couldn’t have been him.”

“The fact that people have understood the tweet itself tells you that it couldn’t have been Salman. The imposter seems to have done a good job though trying hard to imitate Salman’s tweeting style,” said another fan.

Salim Khan who yesterday said that his son was ‘ignorant’ clarified that he ‘meant ignorant about grammar and sentence construction’ and not social issues.

Brother Sohail Khan has however blamed the media. Questioning the media he said, “When they know bhai tweets nonsense all the time, why are they blowing it out of proportion this time. It is God’s grace that it was Sunday and that News Anchor who screams all the time was on leave.”

Meanwhile an army of Bhaitards were seen protesting outside ‘Tiger Shroff’s house after Salman tweeted ‘Get Tiger’. It was only after the cops intervened and explained that Salman meant Tiger Memon and not Tiger Shroff, did the fans calm down.