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High-level meeting over Delhi air pollution cancelled as officials could't see each other because of the smog

15, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

A high level meeting of senior officials, which was set to take place in the capital to tackle rising air pollution, was cancelled after those present at the meeting couldn’t see each other.

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Sources say that only 4 out of the 29 officials were present and that they too left the venue due to low visibility. “When I entered the room, I could only hear voices. Like someone blindfolded me. There was no point continuing with the meeting so we all decided to leave,” revealed an official.

Though all 29 officials say they were present, numbers on record show that only 4 were actually present. This raised questions over others who claim they were in attendance.

“It is clear that a handful were present. However the tea and snacks kept at the meeting venue have vanished. Who took them. There needs to be an investigation. Besides action against those absent, those present should also be taken to task for vamoosing with the eatables,” said Union Minister Prakash Javadekar.

Though officials from the ruling party accuse AAP representatives for taking away the snacks, Sanjay Singh from the AAP pointed finger at leaders from the BJP.

Mr. Javadekar was also critical of Gautam Gambhir’s absence from the event. The cricketer faced flak on social media for prioritizing leisure over environmental issues. He later clarified that he too was present at the event but couldn’t not be seen because of the air pollution.