Hizbul Commander killed because he asked a tough Maths question to an Army man: Indian Media

07, May 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Hizbul Commander Riyaz Naikoo has been killed by Indian Armed Forces in Kashmir yesterday. While initially there was a lack of clarity over the reasons behind this killing, now media reports from India have shed some light on it and clarified the situation. Reportedly, Naikoo was killed because he asked a very tough Maths problem to an Army man, irritating him, and leading to this encounter.


As everyone watching Indian News Channels is well aware, Riyaz Naikoo was just a Maths teacher, and nothing else. He always liked to work on problems related to the subject, and loved asking questions to others about it as well. If someone was unable to answer him, he would love to teach them the correct way to address the problem.

However, he made a mistake when he asked such a problem to an Army man deployed in Kashmir. The soldier took offence that he was being asked a question in the first place, and the difficulty of the question only added to his anger. As per news reports, he immediately called some of his soldier friends over, and together, they did encounter of Riyaz Naikoo.

While there were attempts to hide the actual story by the establishment, the brave reporters of Indian media quickly uncovered the whole truth, and brought it to light in front of the entire grateful nation.

Meanwhile, no investigative reporter has been able to get the names of the 3 security personnel who died a day before Riyaz Naikoo.