Hundreds of teachers claiming to have taught Satya Nadella demand media attention

05, Feb 2014 By Ashutosh Sinha

Manipal. While media could find some colleagues and former teachers of the new Microsoft CEO, hundreds others are still waiting and trying for the media to reach them. The queue outside the Manipal Institute has been getting longer, literally by the minute, sources tell Faking News.

A number of people, all of who claim to have taught Satya Nadella in school and college, have come together to give their opinion on how he was destined for greatness.

These teachers and professors have been preparing to give the details of their association with Satya Nadella when he was studying there and his school in Andhra Pradesh, but the media is being irresponsible in not telecasting their views, they say.

Satya Nadella
Do you also know him personally?

“I taught Satya Nadella when he was 18 years old. He was the brightest student in my class and I knew he is going to make the country proud one day,” one of the teachers claimed.

“I taught Satya Nadella when he was 19 years old. He was the brightest student in my class and I knew he is going to make the country proud one day”, another teacher standing in the queue next to him told this reporter, mistaking him to be a reporter from a top news channel.

A policeman standing there to ensure that there is no untoward incident told Faking News that he had once seen Satya Nadella walking out of the Manipal campus when he was posted as a beat constable many years ago. “I will remind him of that day if I get a chance to meet him. I will also tell him that my son is studying engineering and if he can take a look at his CV,” he said, wishing to see and hear himself say the same on TV.

An old lady had a different story to tell. “Satya was my student when he was three years old. And I vividly remember the boy from the pre-school. He would only keep looking out of Windows. We knew his relationship with Windows was strong,” she said as she joined the queue.

“You see, the senior teachers take all the credit for having prepared him for the daunting task that he is set to do. It is teachers like us who have laid the foundation for his career,” she rued.

The most telling comment came from a teacher, who said he had retired several years ago. “It is strange. When you write his name on MS Word, it is still underlined in red, requiring a spell check. He should have that corrected first. I kept telling him to pay attention to spellings,” the English teacher said.