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I&B Ministry unhappy with news channel showing one minute of news other than Varanasi

09, May 2014 By indianpsycho

Varanasi. As the Lok Sabha elections move to their seventh and final phase, with Varanasi being the most followed and talked about constituency everywhere, all news channels have been covering the city 24/7 as if there is nothing else happening in the world around.

Amidst all this, a news channel (not DD News) today was found showing one minute of news which had nothing at all to do with what’s happening in Varanasi.

The channel, whose name has been kept anonymous for the fear of it getting boycotted by sponsors, was found showing news about violence and clashes in Assam between Bodos and Bengali Muslims.

Varanasi roads now have more media vans than other vehicles.
Varanasi roads now have more media vans than other vehicles.

Though the lapse was only for a minute and the editor and anchor in charge of that news piece were immediately sacked by the channel in question, it was enough to send shockwaves across the media industry.

“The fact that the channel showed news about happenings in Assam has further increased the gravity of their offence,” said a media expert lashing out at the channel for crossing the line by covering riots other than Gujarat riots.

I&B Ministry too reprimanded the channel and threatened to cancel their license if the act was repeated.

“This is a reckless behavior on channel’s part. Couldn’t they have holistically ignored other things for a while,” asked I&B Minister Manish Tewari, “Or like other responsible channels like DD News, they could have at least taken our feedback about it before showing that piece of news.”

However this constant blind eye by news channels to other happenings has come as a breath of fresh air to criminals and terrorists who have been looking for such a window to carry out their activities.

“Even Arnab is not interested in what is happening beyond Varanasi, so we are planning our next strike in Kashmir in next 2 days,” ISI chief revealed his plans in open for the first time.

Meanwhile common man from Assam is hoping that both Kejriwal and Modi choose their state to fight elections next time.

“At least this will bring news channels and media focus here,” argued a 48 year man from Dispur.

However he immediately apologized and took back his words after somebody pointed out to him that the current PM was elected from Assam only.