Idiots of India sue The Hindu for mocking them in advertisement

27, Jan 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Indian Idiot Society has decided to file a defamation case against Chennai based daily newspaper The Hindu for mocking their beliefs and way of life in an advertisement targeting the rival newspaper The Times of India. These idiots, who don’t want to know anything else that the pet name of Hrithik Roshan, claim that The Hindu ad demeans their dignity for no justifiable reason.

“What if we don’t know who succeeds Ratan Tata or the full form of UPA?” Murkhta Kapoor, the national president of IIS (Indian Idiot Society) argued with Faking News.

“We are differently intelligent,” Mr. Kapoor said, “and our intellect should be respected. We too are the citizens of this country.”

The Hindu
The concerned ad has been found to be offensive to the idiots

IIS claims that Indian idiots contribute vibrantly to the growth of nation’s GDP and their contribution can’t be ignored.

“There would have been no MTV Roadies or Bigg Boss without us,” Murkhta Kapoor claimed, “In fact, we are the biggest drivers of growth in the media and entertainment industry and we are also the biggest patrons of the industry.”

“If there was economic slowdown in this country, it was due to those who understand the meaning of CRR and credit policy, and not because of us idiots who think repo-rate is some cricket related term,” he said.

Many experts too agree that idiots shouldn’t be mocked at as they were an important part of the society, especially in the education sector.

“Without them, we would never know who are intelligent,” Arindam Chaudhuri, an educationist said, “Many institutes would run out of business if there were no idiots. We need to think beyond the usual definitions of intelligence and smartness.”

When asked whether they preferred The Times of India over The Hindu, idiots couldn’t understand the question as the concerned advertisement had the name of The Times of India beeped out.