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Impressed with Times Now’s quick verdict on Jasleen Kaur’s case, Supreme Court hands over all pending cases to Arnab for fast track

26, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In their bid to solve all the pending cases piling up with them for years now, Supreme Court has decided to hand those cases over to Times Now for fast track justice.

“For many years now we have struggled to fast track cases of importance and are often told that justice delayed is justice denied, so we thought why not give those pending cases to much more competent organization to solve,” explained a source from SC.

SC was reportedly impressed with how quickly Times Now declared Jasleen Kaur a braveheart victim and Sarvajeet Singh as pervert accused.

Super-judge Arnab reading out verdicts.
Super-judge Arnab reading out verdicts.

“They were pretty darn fast. Unlike us, who like to evaluate all possibly available forms of evidence, these guys just need a social media post to declare verdicts,” the source pointed.

“And these guys don’t just announce verdicts but stick to it no matter what. They don’t give a damn if the person they have declared guilty turns out to be innocent. That’s the beauty of it. While we have the provision for re-appeals and stuff, which further delays the judgment/punishment, this attitude of theirs is what is needed to fast track cases,” said a SC judge, who claims to be disciple of Justice Katju. “Their chief judge Arnab just doesn’t like to accept the fact that he was wrong and fooled and that is what helps.”

The SC judge further pointed to old cases of Rohtak Sisters and Misbah Quadri, solved within minutes by Times Now (both of which later turned out to be lies) to strengthen these claims.

“With Arnab and Co whether the justice is right or not takes the backseat. They are consistently focused on giving quick justice,” he said.

Supreme Court is further confident that these judgments, whether they are fair or not, will get thumbs up from large section of the society, on social media, from feminists and even Aam Aadmi Party.

“We are sure the love currently lost between some section of AAP and Times Now will also be back,” he added.