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Army chiefs of India and Pak appeal to news channels of respective countries to maintain peace and calm

28, Feb 2019 By @jurnoleast

Taking cognizance of heightened tensions between news channels of India and Pakistan, Army Chiefs of both countries have appealed for peace and calm.


News reporters on either side went berserk after yesterday’s capture of an IAF pilot at the hands of the Pakistanis.

Dramatic scenes were seen at in many media houses in India where news anchors dressed in army fatigues were advising the Govt on how to get the captured pilot back.

In Pakistan scenes were no different. ‘Tauba Tauba’ news anchor who recently went viral for his antics seemed livid for some reason. And it appeared as if he’d lob his mic like a hand grenade on the Indian side.

In an effort to reign in these over-enthusiastic news reporters, army chiefs of both countries have reportedly met the heads of major news channels.

“We are appealing to the media to not escalate tensions between the two countries. Let us do our jobs and you do yours,” read a clear statement by the army.

Going by their track record it seems highly unlikely that news anchors would pay any heed to the appeal. A few media houses explicitly expressed their disapproval.

“The role of media during war time is even more critical. Our news reporters are putting themselves at risk at ground zero. Some of them have been given military training too and can easily fight along with our troops,” said the Editor-in-Chief of a news channel.

Going beyond this appeal, some experts feel that the M-word (where M stands for media) can cause more destruction than the N-word.

“Earlier the thereats used to point at the use of Nuclear weapon. But that could be passe. In future both countires could threaten each other with their respective media,” speculated an expert.