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All India Radio plays an old recording of Mann Ki Baat, nobody notices the difference

27, Aug 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly Mann Ki Baat program was aired yesterday for what was supposed to be the 47th edition of the program. However, due to a mix up at All India Radio (AIR), an old episode from 2015 was aired on the radio. Surprisingly, none of the listeners noticed any difference and this mix-up was identified when Mr. Modi himself listened to a recording later in the evening.

mann ki baat

Mann Ki Baat is one of the most popular programs on AIR with all the BJP MLAs and MPs tuning in to listen to the show every month. BJP is likely to issue a show cause notice to all of them now for failing to identify the old episode. There are also expected to be mass firings in AIR for the mix-up.

Speaking to Faking News on the condition of anonymity, a BJP MP said, “Saheb is very angry that nobody noticed it was an old recording. He now suspects that we never paid any attention to what he was saying and slept through his mann ki baat. This blunder by AIR has exposed us all and put our ticket for 2019 elections in jeopardy.”

“We could have made some excuse if we hadn’t reacted during the show but all of us went online and praised Modi Ji’s vision and statements during yesterday’s Mann Ki Baat. Now they are asking if we paid so much attention to the show then why couldn’t we identify the old recording. It was some episode from 2015, he talks so much, how can we keep track of all his statements whether something was said yesterday or 3 years ago,” the worried MP added.

Meanwhile, worried that others may have also missed his Mann Ki Baat, Narendra Modi is planning a mega Mann Ki Baat featuring all the episodes till date which will be played instead of the commentary during the next India-England Test. PM Modi thinks this is the best way to get everyone to hear the show.