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With Indian channels banned in Pakistan, Arnab to shift studio to Wagah border to send his message to Pakistan

06, Oct 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Celebrity news anchor and voice of the nation, Arnab Goswami has decided to shift his Newshour studio to the Wagah border. He took this decision after Pakistan banned all Indian channels after the recent spike in tensions between the two countries.

“I am coming Pakistan”

Reportedly, Arnab Goswami wants to ensure that Pakistan government gets his direct message to them to rein in terrorist elements on Pak soil. Now since nobody can see Times Now across the border, he will reach the border himself to make sure that people on the other side can hear him.

“Pakistan must understand that India will not tolerate any more terror attacks and who better than the voice of the nation to convey it to them. Since Times Now also got banned in Pakistan along with the other Indian channels, this was the only solution to send his message across the border. We will set up our studio in the open right next to the Wagah border and conduct our debates there”, an executive producer working with Times Now said.

“If Pakistan thought they can shut us down so easily, they were mistaken. They can block our channel but they can never ever ever never block Arnab’s voice from reaching the ears of Pakistanis. Arnab and Maroof Raza have already started looking for houses in Amritsar. We will keep inviting Pakistani guests on the show to present their side of the story get bashed by Arnab. They can sit on their side of the border; Arnab can sit on this side of the border, and conduct debates peacefully like they usually do”, the producer added.

As per sources, Indian Government has allowed Arnab to conduct his show there. “We know how South Korea blasts Pop music at their border with North Korea to irritate their neighbors; we can also try the same. What better program than Newshour to irritate Pakistanis eh? Arnab won’t even need the loudspeaker, he will be heard on that side loud and clear”, an Indian government official said.