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Indian girl with CWG gold questions journalists who didn't ask mandatory question 'when are you settling down?'

17, Apr 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: Indian girls who brought so much glory for India in the recently concluded common wealth games were bugged by questions by media people they were not prepared for. While meeting the press upon their arrival at Indira Gandhi international airport from Australia, many felt media was asking them ‘out of syllabus’ questions.


“None of us who are ‘still’ unmarried got questions like, when are you getting married, when and where you are going to settle down? Even my married colleagues were not asked basic questions like when they are going to start family”, said Renu Yadav one of the gold medal winner in the event.

Renu added, “These are the questions I was preparing for last three days by going through different interviews available in YouTube. It seems all my effort has gone waste”.

One journalist asked her how many hours of practice do you every day. How many kilograms do you lift. When Renu told 60 kilograms in gym, the journalist was surprised.

Renu quickly clarified she is not a weight lifter, she is a wrestler who won a gold medal last week. Journalist apologized saying, except men’s cricket team members, all other sportspersons look same for her”.

While the press conference was on-going, an IPL team made a brief stopover at the airport on their way to Jaipur. Seeing the familiar faces, most of the journalists ran towards the players and coach to get some material for their respective news channels.

The journalist for whom all non-cricketing sportspersons look the same said, “Actually my sources in BCCI pointed out the IPL team will be here any time after 10 AM. As their flight got delayed, bore ho rahi thi, that’s why I attended this common wealth games medalists press conference. By the way who will remember these sportspersons who come to our notice once in four years. Look at our cricketers, always in news. Public loves them so much they know their pet names as well as their pet’s names”.