Indian journalists report verified factual news to celebrate April Fool's Day

01, Apr 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: 1st of April, the day of playing pranks and practical jokes on an unsuspecting audience, affectionately called April Fool’s Day, was celebrated with great fervor across the nation once again.


Despite the lockdown, everyone played practical jokes in their own way, politicians spoke truth, people stayed inside during the lockdown, and Indian journalists reported stories based on facts.

Indian viewers started noticing a weird trend early morning when anchors on various news channels started reading news stories related to Coronavirus in a somber tone. There was nobody shouting on air, nobody trying to beat up guests inside the studio, no flailing arms or pointing fingers. Before anyone could figure out what went wrong with their normal news programming, another disturbing trend began to emerge, all the news stories were backed by facts and accurate ground reports.

As the day progressed, more and more factual stories began to emerge, and several informative news about the Coronavirus pandemic further added confusion for the viewers. This trend wasn’t limited to TV News alone, digital news portals also joined in and removed all stories from “imaginary sources” on their websites, leading to several blank websites.

People started complaining to Information & Broadcasting Ministry, and asked them to take action against the miscreants spreading truth through their news outlets.

Thankfully, Editors’ Guild of India issued a statement just half an hour ago assuring Indians that all is well, and it is just an April Fool’s prank. Normal programming will resume after 12 midnight.

Meanwhile, China has reported that another virus may have escaped China during the past 24 hrs. However, we still don’t know whether it is an April Fool prank or not.