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Indian TV reporters jobless after Anushka leaves for India in the middle of the series

11, Jan 2015 By Anil Sharma

Sydney: After team India, it’s the Indian TV reporters who are suffering in Australia now. Reportedly, the reporters who were there to cover the ongoing test series and the triangular series later on are now planning to come back to India in the middle of the team India’s down-under tour.

According to reliable sources, the reporters are feeling jobless after Anushka Sharma changed her schedule and left for India in the middle of the series.

Merciless woman

“What are we supposed to cover now? The Virat and Anushka story was going great but now we have nothing to do. The team is losing as well and we know that people don’t watch sports-hour on news channels when their team loses. But the Virat-Anushka love story was getting us decent TRPs. Although, we repeatedly aired the video of Virat throwing flying kisses to Anushka from the ground for almost a thousand time but people were still enjoying it,” a senior reporter told Faking News.

When asked about further plans he said, “Well, I am not sure, but maybe a 2 hours debate show on why Anushka left Virat in the middle of the series might do the trick for us.”

“Our chat shows which feature legends who provide free advice to the team players have failed miserably, and by legends I mean anyone who played for the team at least once, now has an alcohol problem and needed a quick five hundred bucks. Nothing is working on this tour, Dhoni retired in the middle of the series and then Mitchell Johnson got injured and now Anushka is leaving as well,” he further added.

“Too bad, people won’t get to know now that how Virat and Anushka look when they walk together in the park or when they eat their food together. They will also miss videos of Anushka standing up in slow motion on every run scored by the Indian skipper with a wide smile on her face and clapping for him,” he went on to add.

“Anushka is a TV anchor herself, I wonder why she did this to us,” he said sighing.

When asked why not just concentrate on the sport he replied, “Why everyone is expecting too much. Just to remind you, we have a show called Saas Bahu Aur Saazish which we air everyday despite knowing the fact that it’s a shit show which helps you learn more about shit shows.”

“And it is a big deal actually. For the first time Virat is giving kissies instead of BCs on the ground,” he concluded.