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Indian woman marries Pakistani man; Arnab Goswami airs black screen to condemn situation

02, Mar 2018 By itsmihir1993

It was a usual, noisy weeknight until Republic TV co-founder Arnab Goswami decided to turn the tide by airing a black screen. Reportedly, the unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalist aired the black screen to condemn a marriage between an Indian woman and a Pakistani man.

An upset Goswami, who has maintained a stiff stand against Pakistan, shouted that the woman is ‘anti-national’ while airing the black screen.

Earlier, journalist Ravish Kumar had aired a black screen during his show to condemn Indian news channels’ sorry reportage of the JNU sloganeering incident. However, Goswami chose to air the black screen to denounce the growing harmony between the neighbouring nations. On the other hand, Ravish ran a black screen to condemn Goswami’s uncalled decision to run the black screen.

Many Ravish fans have reportedly forgotten the journalist’s appearance after his frequent stints of airing a black screen. “In the last two years, watching Ravish’s show feels like listening to the radio. The last time I saw him on air, he had black hair. I no more know how he looks, all thanks to the radio broadcasts,” said a fan, who claimed to watch news over Arnab Goswami’s channel.

A raging Goswami also wrote to the External Affairs Ministry to divorce the newly-married couple. While blaming the ISI for the cross-border affair, Goswami, in his letter to the ministry, shouted, “THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. THIS LOVE JIHAD, AND NOT FACTORS LIKE GST AND DEMONETISATION, HAS AFFECTED THE ECONOMY ADVERSELY. I REQUEST MY GOVERNMENT TO BRING BACK THE WOMAN TO INDIA. IF SHE DOESN’T COME BACK, PM NARENDRA MODI MUST DECLARE A WAR ON PAKISTAN; HE HAS MY CONSENT TO DO SO.”

The Narendra Modi-led NDA government released a press statement in wake of the appeal made by Goswami. “Our government has been working to extradite fugitives like Vijay Mallya and Modi (Nirav) since 2014. However, extradition of the woman looks comparatively simpler, and we must accomplish it soon. It will also form our agenda for the 2019 Loksabha Elections, alongside Ram Mandir,” read the statement.