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Inspired by Dhoni vs Zee, Aliens file a defamation suit against India TV

19, Mar 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Inspired by Dhoni’s defamation suit against Zee media group, a congregation of aliens from across the universe have decided to slap a 1000 cr defamation suit on India TV for allegedly telecasting ‘malicious’ news that they have been involved in some criminal, illegal and bizarre activities in India.

The suit filed at Delhi high court has aliens accusing India TV of carrying highly defamatory, scandalous and libelous false reports/footage since time immemorial about aliens thereby trying to malign their reputation by spreading wrong perceptions in the eyes of humans.

Aliens have claimed that due to actions of India TV, they went through a lot of mental agony and were looked at it with suspicion everywhere they went making it increasingly difficult for them to even step out of their spaceships.

“Why would we come to India of all the places in the world where there are already so many alien like creatures, if at all we want to see humans?” asked an alien while coming out of high court refusing to name anyone.

India Tv aliens cow
The sight that pissed aliens off the most.

“You Indians are very self centric and think that life and world revolves only around you. First Koi Mila Gaya and now India TV, WE ARE JUST FED UP,” screamed another alien thanking Dhoni for showing them the path.

“WE DON’T DRINK COW’S MILK FORGODSAKE,” he further screamed.

Aliens have reportedly received unconditional support from AAP after the later came to know of this. AAP has already asked Ashutosh to get in touch with aliens and if need be fight their case as a lawyer, in their vow to help and fight for aam aliens of this world.

“He is an expert in communicating in alien type language. Haven’t you seen it on Twitter?” shot back Kejriwal when questioned how Ashutosh would be of any help to aliens.

Meanwhile editor in chief of India TV Rajat Sharma has totally laughed off claims made by aliens in affidavit and has claimed that India TV has reinvented and changed its modus operandi since long time back and all those alien/cow stories are now things of the past.

He feels aliens were quite late in filing a suit and missed the bus when they should have and are now doing it only for publicity.

“This is all new India TV. Like IAC became AAP and is no longer responsible for earlier acts and beliefs, we too have left our past behind and are now focused on doing good journalism,” Rajat explained how defamation suit was no longer applicable to them.