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Inspired by TV soaps, News channels to add background scores to debates

27, Mar 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: In an attempt to increase TRPs for their shows, prominent news channels are believed to have been working on a “background score” technique,  inspired from daily soaps of contemporary Indian television.

Our reporters spoke to a renowned media house in-charge on how this idea could actually work to increase their TRPs. Here is what he had to say.

“This is great”

“The background score technique has proved to be really successful in Indian TV series where Saas-Bahu soaps manage to extract the emotion from people’s minds and force them to stick to television. We are planning a similar approach for our news debates and talk shows where background score will be added based on personality of the panelists or hosts, whosoever has the focus. Carrying the emotion was missing in modern day debates and discussions which will now be fulfilled with this fantastic approach. After all, we want to control viewers’ remotes,” he said.

Amateur musicians, depressed with scarcity of opportunities were pumped up with energy after hearing this news. Atul, a guitarist cum vocalist played gigs to packed houses at local pubs of Mumbai in the past but as news dominated prime time since May 2014 elections there was a drastic decrease in PYTs at pubs.

With announcement of job openings in newspapers for background score experts, Atul seemed quite excited as he said, “People have been so busy with news channels these days that nobody likes live music anymore. They used to check into pubs at 9 PM but now-a-days, huh, they tune into these channels while we play to the walls, empty chairs and tables. But after I heard about the background score requirements for these news channels, I really want to kick some arse! Hurray!”

Some of the news channels have already started trials of debates and talk shows with background music. Here is a glimpse of what was captured over the last couple of days.