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Inspired by Kejriwal, Arnab tries Vipassana, faints on day 1, taken back to TimesNow studio

01, Aug 2016 By @jurnoleast

Nagpur: Popular news anchor Arnab Goswami, who had been camping in Nagpur for the past few day for a 10 day Vipassana course, was today air-lifted and brought back to Newshour studio in an unconscious state.

Arnab reassuring that everything is under control
Arnab reassuring that everything is under control

Sources say that Mr. Goswami had enrolled for the course after being inspired by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

Friends and family too had urged the fiery news anchor to try out Vipassana after a routine health check up showed higher than normal blood pressure reading.

However, the prospect of having to keep his ‘mouth shut’ for 10 days proved too much for Arnab to handle and he passed out on day one itself.

Speaking to Faking News Mr. Lele, in-charge of the meditation center said, “It’s not for everyone. One must abstain from speaking for 10 days. The mind needs to be still. Maybe the intense pressure of not having any conversation got to Mr. Goswami and he fell unconscious during one of the session.”

“We do have a medical emergency team at hand for such cases. But his vital signs didn’t show any improvement. That is when we decided to airlift him back to TimesNow studio,” he added.

Apparently, getting him back to familiar environment has worked.

Fellow journalists from TimesNow said that Arnab is slowly showing signs of recovery and is getting his ‘voice back’. Reruns of old Newshour debates are being played on giant screen inside the studio to help the news anchor recover.

Regular Newshour panelists have expressed concern over Arnab’s health. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra wished Arnab a speedy recovery on twitter.

“I spoke to other panelists including those from Congress and we discussed Arnab’s health. Hope he is back to his usual self again. In fact, some of us have decided that we won’t interrupt Arnab and allow him speak non-stop if he so desires,” said Mr. Patra as he tagged his tweet with #MissYouArnab