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Jobless Whatsapp admins would get guaranteed Govt jobs if Congress is voted to power

27, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

Jobless whatsapp admins have something to cheer about if the Congress is voted to power. Party President Rahul Gandhi today announced that the aforementioned admins would be eligible for Govt jobs if his party is voted to power.


The announcement comes just days after his minimum income guarantee scheme for the poor. Many criticize the scheme while pointing out that it wouldn’t encourage job growth as poor would get money without doing any work.

The party said that they came up with the idea after thinking their strategy and looking at shocking unemployment numbers in the country.

“The BJP has very cleverly dressed up the joblessness data. But our party believes in actually providing jobs to the people. Though poor won’t deprived of minimum income, the chunk of population that is skilled but jobless also needs our attention,” said a Congress spokesperson.

While elaborating on the chunk, the spokesperson said, “Whatsapp admins are what we are looking at. It takes some skill to manage a group and said all those Good Morning and Motivational messages to group members. These admins can easily be absorbed as managers in Govt organization. Imagine what an asset this workforce could be.”

The job announcement by Congress has rattled the BJP. Insiders say that this could turn the tide against the ruling party and very well be the game changer.

PM Modi along with Amit Shah were seen having meetings with other senior leaders to address the clear and present danger to their election plans.

Rahul’s announcement saw Facebook stock soar on NASDAQ.

Meanwhile, employees from IT organization who seek Govt jobs for as they are more secure, are now planning to quit and start their own Whatsapp group.