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Journalist expresses sudden hatred for Sec 66A, blames recent head injury for change of views

24, Mar 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: In an interesting turn of events, famous news presenter and leading journalist Khabri Gupta has reportedly shown sudden and extreme feelings of hatred towards section 66A of IT Act and has heavily criticized it as a law which curbed freedom of speech of innocent individuals. Within minutes after the landmark judgement by honorable Supreme Court of India quashing the above-said section, Gupta congratulated the apex court and referred to the section as an archaic law. Below is the text he tweeted to his followers at 11:13 AM IST:

It all coincidentally happened on a day SC scrapped it.
It all coincidentally happened on a day SC scrapped it.

Kudos to honorable SC to have struck down the archaic law. #Sec66A [11:13 AM]

This tweet came as a shock to Khabri’s twitter followers as this was in stark contrast to his tweet a few minutes back which said:

Hate these cyber trolls, they all should be hanged till death for pestering me. Someone please invoke #Sec66A [11:09 AM]

While Gupta later deleted the tweet made at 11:09 AM, the snapshot comparison of both the tweets with timestamp went viral on twitter achieved 332 re-tweets in next 30 minutes. After fans and critics alike ridiculed his quick change of stance and asked for an explanation, Khabri admitted that he actually had a sudden change of views.

He however went on to reveal that he infact was hit sharply on the head at around 11:11 AM, a blow which knocked him out for few seconds. This head injury, he claimed, lead to a lot of short term and long term changes in his personality and behavior and this sudden change of views on freedom of speech was also the result of this blow. He provided the following explanation on his blog later this afternoon:

“I was being pestered by some abusive trolls on twitter and I was frustrated to an extent that I demanded capital punishment for them. I know I was wrong and I over-reacted, but that was the “Old” me. A small incident just after that completely changed my life. At around 11:11 AM when I was about to sign a piece of paper, my new ink-pen slipped from my hand and fell down below my desk. I quickly reacted to get down and catch it, but in the process I sharply banged my head on the corner of the desk.“

“Because of this sharp blow I faced a blackout for a few seconds and when I woke up at 11:13 AM I was a changed man. I had a new sense about everything. These 2 minutes had changed my life. I then saw the announcement that the honorable apex court has quashed the section 66A. I suddenly felt like rejoicing and congratulating the court and tweeted those feelings to my followers. I then decided to take the rest of the day off and celebrate this golden day,” Khabri concluded.

When one of the fans commented on his blog and asked what other changes is he experiencing because of this head injury, Khabri replied in detail.

“I have been experiencing a lot of changes in my taste, behavior and moral-sense. I used to love Italian earlier, now I like Gujarati food. I used to love blue color earlier, now I love pink. Before this injury, I did respect the freedom of speech, but only when I was the one speaking. But after this injury I now respect freedom of speech for all people at all times. I do not wish ill to anyone but if this injury can change me, such injuries can change all of you. I am thankful that I am a changed man now,” Khabri ended with a smile emoticon.

While critics are slamming Khabri’s story as another concocted tale to justify sudden change of views, many other leading journalists throughout the country are reporting similar accidental self-inflicted head injuries that have an impact on their views and thoughts. Some of them have even checked themselves into hospital emergency wards citing headaches, blackouts and short term memory loss around events of past few months.