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Journalist fails to find Ranbir-Katrina clip in Delhi Metro CCTV footage

04, Aug 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Not satisfied with the work of a messiah who, acting selflessly and in national interest, went ahead and clandestinely shot pictures of Ranbir and Katrina holidaying at a beach in Spain, a journalist decided to dig deeper and find even more scandalizing pictures of the couple.

The journalist traveled to Delhi and bribed the DMRC officials to get exclusive access to Delhi Metro’s CCTV footage in hope of getting “exclusive” video clips of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in a “compromising” position.

Ranbir Katrina
The journalist was not happy with such pictures that didn’t reveal much (image courtesy: Stardust)

Journalist was confident given Ranbir’s image of a flirt that he would not let go off a golden opportunity to have some private moments with Katrina in a Metro coach.

“There were news reports of Katrina meeting Ranbir while he was in Delhi for Rockstar, so I thought they might have travelled secretly in Delhi Metro to have a private moment,” the journalist told Faking News.

However, the journalist, who didn’t want to be identified, couldn’t identify Ranbir and Katrina even after watching hundreds of leaked Delhi Metro MMS. People orgasming over their Temple Run scores was the closest he came to unearthing something “titillating”.

The journalist further claimed that he had earlier received PR mails from other actresses claiming they had traveled in Delhi Metro with their boyfriends and producers.

“Dude, I get mails from PR agencies sending photos of their clients clicked at Juhu Beach, Chowpatty, or sometimes even at potholes. They claim those are ‘leaked’ pictures even though they send those from official email accounts,” the journalist revealed.

“I ignored those mails as they were clearly cheap tricks of struggling actors to seek publicity but I didn’t want to miss a trick involving Ranbir and Katrina that could give publicity to our publication,” the journalist added.

Meanwhile experts have warned that celebrities shouldn’t expect privacy in an era of Facebook and camera phones.

“With prying eyes all over, only places left for actors to holiday without getting their privacy invaded is Chunky Pandey’s house or a theatre where Shirish Kunder’s film has released,” opined an expert, who for a change wasn’t Mahesh Bhatt.