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Journalist kidnapped on Live TV while reporting that there is no Jungleraj in Bihar

28, May 2016 By The Reviewer

Siwan, Bihar: In a shocking incident, a leading English language news editor was kidnapped on live TV while he was doing a story on the fake allegations of Jungleraj in Bihar.  Akhilendra Sharma, who was on his first assignment outside his Noida studio, was kidnapped by 3 armed persons while he was explaining how there is no Jungleraj in Bihar.

Kidnapping industry- driving growth

“When Akhilendra tweeted that Bihar is totally normal and its name is being maligned by political opponents, several people accused him of being disconnected from ground reality. He wanted to show that he is aware of the ground realities and left for Siwan to do a show from there. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped right in the middle of the live show he was doing there”, a senior executive associated with Akhilendra’s channel told Faking News.

“We haven’t received any ransom demand yet but we have checked the going rate for a kidnapped journalist and already arranged for the money. Once the ransom demand comes, we will immediately transfer the money. We want to assure all our employees that their well being is our top most concern. In fact, we will not send any more journalists to Bihar and declare Bihar crime free from our Noida studio only”, the executive added.

Meanwhile, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has dismissed the allegations that this incident shows how there really is Jungleraj in Bihar. “This must be a media stunt carried out t the behest of Modi Government”, said the Bihar CM.

As per the viewers who were watching the show live, while Akhlendra was being kidnapped, he wsa heard shouting, “This is not a kidnapping, these are my cousins, there is no Jungleraj in Bihar. I repeat no Jungleraj.”

However, experts pointed out that since he was taken away in a Maruti Omni, it must have been a kidnapping.