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Journalist mistakenly praises RaGa’s Lok-Sabha speech even before he delivers it; deletes tweets later

28, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: An eminent journalist Monjolika Sarkar got in a fit of extreme anger yesterday morning when some of her twitter followers pointed out that the speech for which she is profusely praising Rahul Gandhi has not even been spoken yet. In her fit of fury she started to abuse whoever corrected her, called them names and accused them of trolling & abusing her for being a woman.

“What grace?”, she tweeted with this pic.

Below are some of Monjolika’s initial tweets praising Rahul baba (deleted later):

“Rahul Gandhi, extremely good homecoming in parliament continues. After your comments on nuclear energy today, I’m your fan. #RahulRoars” [09:45 AM] “What a feisty demeanor today in LS. An ecclesiastic yet prosaic delivery of enchanting words. Return of a true Prince. #RahulRoars” [09:48 AM] When a twitter user @goriBilli1729 pointed out to Monjolika that Rahul Gandhi has not yet spoken on Nuclear energy in any of the previous sessions, Monjolika immediately deleted the tweets and pretended not to have tweeted them in the first place. But the damage was already done as many twitter users had already taken snapshots of her tweets and had started circulating them in social media.

When Monjolika was specifically asked by a few twitter users on how and why did she praise Rahul baba for his LS speech even when LS session for the day hadn’t started, she lost her cool. She began to call them saffron goons and bhakts. She maintained that the tweets-snaps being circulated were fabricated and she would sue anyone who circulates them.

When some of the abused twitter users clearly stated that they don’t support any saffron agenda, she apologized for calling them bhakts and started to call them trolls, who are abusing her for being a woman.

Later in the day she tweeted her feelings through below tweet:

“Bhakts please calm down. Don’t know why u r so burnt about my supposed +ve comments on RaGa, what’s wrong in praising an icon?”

However, the above mentioned tweet was also deleted later for some mysterious reasons.