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Journalists debate what news to make out of assorted pictures of sexy girls

02, Dec 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. With about a dozen pictures of women in skimpy clothes and sexy poses on the desk, a group of young and dynamic journalists debated over an hour the various news stories that could accompany the pictures for tomorrow’s edition of Hilly Times. The debate was still on till the reports last came in, but the group of journalists had shortlisted three possible news stories for the final decision.

“See, all of them are wearing blue swimsuits, we can write a trend story on how blue is going to be the color this winter, we can also use stills from the Blue movie.” proposed Kimmi, the 21-year-old expert on fashion news wearing a deep V neck T-shirt, adding to the spirited discussion among her colleagues who thought it was a brilliant idea worth exploring.

Such pictures inspired the journalists to think over various issues for discussion
Such pictures inspired the journalists to think over various issues for discussion

Buoyed by the marvel at her suggestion, Kimmi jumped over from her chair to sit on the desk, just close to the pictures of the sexy girls, and proceeded to buttress her point to four of her co-workers, who had huddled around her chair in the cubicle. “Maybe we can mention the blue color of Manmohan Singh’s turban too as a fashion statement by our Prime Minister?” Kimmi shrugged her arms to a bunch of thoughtful journalists, who then came up with names of other possible blue celebrities for discussion.

“Can’t we somehow link these pictures to AIDS, it was World AIDS Day yesterday, and twitter is still red, something around that?” heads nodded in appreciation as 27-year-old Bikas pitched in with his idea, changing the topic from blue to red, though Kimmi frowned and thought it didn’t make any sense. “You sure people would read that?” Kimmi expressed her apprehensions to which Bikas said, “Of course!”

Various other colors were discussed and rejected in the course of next half an hour before someone suggested taking out three of the best pictures from the lot and making a poster on the lines of Amir Khan’s upcoming movie 3 Idiots. “We can use the text from what was given to us by that shoddy PR agency that has been bugging us for an article for a month now. The graphic artists will make the poster, and we can have a walk down, it’s a beautiful day out there.” suggested Anand, 25, with an impish look and tone, setting off girly giggles from everyone.

At the time of filing this report, the group of young and dynamic journalists had shot a mail to their editor to finalize one of the ideas and continued discussing various other stuffs around the pictures as the editor was momentarily out of his office for the last three hours. The group also discussed plans for the party next week to celebrate the rocketing readership of Hilly Times.