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Journalists keen to know Kushboo's views on post-marital sex

29, Apr 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Chennai. Hours after Supreme Court quashed all cases against her for her views and comments over pre-marital sex, journalists have expressed keen interest in knowing Tamil actresses Kushboo Sundar’s views on post-marital sex. Senior editors, especially those sitting in New Delhi, have asked their reporters to get in touch with the actress and carry out “exclusive” interviews to extract some of her “controversial” views on post-marital sex.

“She has been married, apparently twice, for many years now, and we hope she comes up with something similar on post-marital sex.” said Supriye Sharma, upmarket editor of Metro Today, “maybe she could talk about Indian husbands refusing oral-sex, or them being bad at foreplay, or something similar. We can suggest more stuff if she agrees to talk.”

Kushboo Sundar
Kushboo’s views are supposed to harm Indian culture and disrupt peace in public life

“But make her talk exclusively to us only.” Supriye directed his subordinate Vidhya on phone from Delhi.

Supriye has picked up two reporters for this very important story, with one (Vidhya, the entertainment reporter) being asked to follow Kushboo, and the other (Nitin, the political reporter) stationed at offices of Dalit Panthers and Pattali Makkal Katchi.

“Get their reactions as soon as Vidhya texts you.” Supriye called Nitin afterwards, planning the news gathering, “ask them if they felt that Kushboo was crossing all limits of decency, and their plans to protest over her controversial comments.”

After hanging up the phone, Supriye composed a mail to the features editor in Mumbai to work on a series of graphic rich articles and zoomerang powered surveys exploring the sexual life and habits of married Indian couples.

Supriye had a satisfied look at his face after sending the mail and was about to order Chicken Tetrazzini with Spaghetti for lunch, when his phone rang. It was Nitin calling.

“What about the Jayalalithaa story where she had released documents hinting at 2G spectrum scam? Do I drop that story?” asked Nitin.

“Of course!” said Supriye.