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Journalist’s open wifi used by neighbour, concerns raised over the safety of digital banking

14, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: In a major blow to the cashless economy push of the center government, a leading journalist’s open wifi connection was used by his neighbour. The journalist, Ankit Sharma, came to know about this when his neighbour complained to him about the slow internet speed of his connection. Ankit is shocked after this incident and has asked the government how can they ask people for cashless transactions when open wifi networks are used freely by neighbours.

Online banking
Is it safe?

With currency shortage across the country after government’s demonetization move, people are being asked to move to digital banking and cashless economy. However, this incident has raised serious doubts over the safety of online transactions.

“Digital banking is the reality of the 21st century and we are willing to embrace it but government should first assure us that it is totally safe. If my open wifi can be freely used by my neighbour then what stops him from accessing my bank account? Such concerns are totally valid and government must address this before pushing us towards cashless economy”, Ankit told Faking News.

Furthermore, he added,”Using my wifi without my permission is digital stealing. If stealing is so easy in the digital world then you can imagine how unsafe digital banking is. We must ask all banks to go back to the trusted practices of 19th century that had no scope for digital theft.”

Several experts on digital banking have come out in support of Ankit and questioned the government over their lack of apathy towards this digital crime. “Is the government saying they won’t take any action in case of a digital theft? Is that the message they want to send out to the country while they push for cashless economy?” asked Mr. Vinod Gupta, a digital banking expert who works as a Quantity surveyor in a construction firm during his spare time.

When we asked Ankit’s neighbour how he feels about this whole outrage, he said,”Oh I am least bothered. I was enjoying free wifi earlier, I enjoy free wifi now. He has set his password as ‘password’, took me 10 seconds to guess.”