Monday, 6th April, 2020


Kallu Mama met Indira Gandhi, asked for Bhiku’s release from jail: Sanjay Raut

16, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

After claiming that Indira Gandhi met Don Karim Lala, Sanjay Raut has made another damning revelation about the ex-Prime Minister of India.


While speaking at an event, Raut said that gangster Kallu Mama met Indira Gandhi to secure Bhiku Mhatre’s release from jail.

Bhiku was convicted for the killing of a movie producer and was behind bars for almost a year.

“Kalu Mama’s extortion business suffered after Bhiku’s arrest. Desperate to get him out of jail, Kallu met Indiraji through a top state politician. I don’t know what transpired in the meeting. But Bhiku was released in a week,” he said at the event.

Top brass of the Congress livid with Raut’s comments hit back and called him delusional.

At a press conference, a spokesperson for the congress party said, “Aap chronology samajhiye. Indira ji left for heavenly abode in 84. Kallu Mama came onto prominence in the late 90’s and that is the same time when Bhiku was arrested. How is it even possible?” he questioned.

Sanjayji has been binge watching a lot of gangster movies lately. Lagta hai jabse Adityaji ne portfolio sambhala hai tab se Rautji unka Netflix account istemaal kar rahe hai,” he added.

The Congress party has asked the Saamna editor to retract his statements and offer an unconditional apology.