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Karnataka MLAs plan a short foreign trip while Arnab is in USA

30, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. Taking advantage of Arnab Goswami’s absence from the nation for some days, few MLAs from Karnataka have decided to organize a short foreign trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Arguing that they want to make the most of Arnab’s absence and also the fact that they couldn’t explore those places in entirety the last time they were there on an alleged ‘study tour’, these MLAs have decided to complete their trip from where they left it.

Make hay while Arnab is away.
Make hay while Arnab is away.

“Last time we couldn’t enjoy ourselves fully. Physically we were abroad, but mentally we were still in Times Now studios, Lower Parel. For more than half the duration of the trip, we were in our hotel rooms, hooked on to Times Now. There was a constant sword hanging on our heads,” an MLA who proposed the idea, told Faking News.

The plans for a re tour were made right after MLAs got to know about Arnab’s plans to travel to USA. Immediately after catching hold of Arnab’s US itinerary, MLAs made a plea on humanity grounds and got the trip sanctioned by state govt.

These MLAs have been trying to keep the trip a hush hush affair and have planned it in such a way that their return coincides with Arnab’s return to India.

“And even if he does find out about this trip after coming back from USA, he wouldn’t dare take us on after having himself being on an unnecessary foreign junket,” argued a naive MLA who has been obviously oblivious to Arnab’s sanctimoniousness.

These MLAs are further hoping that Modi just doesn’t stop at USA visit but makes more such visits to other countries in near future.

“Only when Modi makes more such foreign trips, can we MLAs have more independence back in India,” another MLA pointed.

Efforts are also afloat to make Times Now also added to the list of news channels like DD News which officially accompany PM on foreign visits.

Meanwhile not just MLAs, but many other groups who are constantly on Arnab’s radar are trying to enjoy this temporary freedom and make the most out of it.

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