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Kid leaves his house at Andheri in the morning, is a grown man when he reaches Colaba

12, Jul 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: In a bizarre yet true incident, a kid by name Pratyush Joglekar left his home a few years back from Andheri but reached Colaba only yesterday and is now a grown up man. When he reached his school yesterday afternoon he wanted to get inside the school premises and play with his friends, but he was told all his friends had finished their schooling many years back and are now looking for jobs.

Travelling in Mumbai is like a time travel machine
Travelling in Mumbai is like a time travel machine

According to sources Pratyush was actually wearing a school uniform dress which was barely fitting him and was carrying a lunch-box and water bottle. He apparently had no recollection of how he reached the school after so many years but repeatedly said only two words “vehicles” and “traffic”. The school watchman Bhoorelaal even recognized Pratyush from years back but was surprised at his current state. Unable to understand the whole situation the school authorities had to call the cops, who sent Pratyush to a lunatic asylum for checkup, where he was found to be perfectly normal.

Such strange occurence, however is not the first such case to have happened in India recently. Last year an otherwise sane man named Praneet Puttegowda in Bangalore took almost seven weeks to travel from Indiranagar to Whitefield, although the actual distance between the two places is just around 10-12 Kms. Just like Pratyush, Praneet also had no recollection of where did he spend all these seven weeks and repeatedly uttered only two words “vehicles” and “traffic”.

Noticing a clean pattern in this series of strange incidents the police authorities have recommended to involve the CBI and NIA, but until that red-tape gets resolved, the case for now has been transferred to the extremely popular and efficient CID branch in Mumbai. Senior officer Abhijeet and Junior Inspector Shreya are currently MIA (missing in action) while investigating Vyapam scam cases in MP. Hence ACP Pradyuman himself along with Door-Demolisher Daya (3D) and forensic expert Doctor Salunkhe are leading the investigations in this case.

Dr. Salunkhe has already completed the full medical check-up of these two patients Pratyush and Praneet. He has also completed a scientific test of their clothing and analytical test of their body tissues. His preliminary analysis has indicated probable chances of a bio-terrorism case, although no conclusive evidence of the same has yet been found. Further forensic deep dives are ongoing.

While it is not yet clear on where would the CID team actually start looking for clues, ACP Pradyuman has already asked Daya to scan through every nook and corner of entire Mumbai city and report back to CID headquarters within 24 hours with results. Daya however started from Dadar and was expected to meet a witness at VT within an hour, but has been missing in traffic for full 4 hours now.