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Laughter clubs showing news channels during sessions

24, Aug 2013 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi. “I have lost books of accounts of my business; therefore, I need not pay any income tax or file an IT return now!” said the laughter club convener explaining a news report during a laughing session.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,” Mr. Gupta, Swati Rao, Ramesh Bhide, Mrs. Banerjee and thirty eight others of the National Laughter Club laughed heartily with both hands raised. The convener was explaining about the missing coalgate files.

Sources confirm that laughter clubs across the country are using daily news reports as props to conduct their laughing sessions. They assemble and switch on TV news channels.

Laughter club
Some experts claim that laughter clubs too are a vote bank and that’s why politicians are trying to woo them with their laughter worthy comments on news channels

“News these days is funnier than Santa Banta jokes we used earlier,” Mrs. Banerjee observed, “See, Anil Ambani can’t remember that a company like Swan Telecom existed. Maybe he too lost all the files. Ha ha ha ha.”

Sources say that these laughter clubs were earlier approached by comedians like Kapil Sharma to partner with their TV shows, but the clubs preferred news channels for better results.

“I have seen Kapil and he is funny, but I’m sure even he watches news channels to come up with ideas,” Mr. Gupta claimed.

“Last week when the stock markets crashed, I lost 90000 rupees in a single day. I was depressed and came to the club. We switched on the TV and heard Finance Minister Chidambaram saying that there was no need to panic; we couldn’t control our laughter,” Ramesh Bhide told Faking News.

“Who needs Faking News reports when there are real news reports,” Mr. Bhide claimed as it wiped off the smile from the face of this reporter.

While this may appear as a “blow to news media”, sources confirm that the news channels have welcomed the development.

“I hope TRP meters are installed in these clubs so that higher TRPs are recorded for our channels,” said an Editor-in-Chief of a news channel.