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Leaked conversation between Modi and Trump during Howdy Modi event

23, Sep 2019 By sagarcasm

What were the two leaders talking about. Find out in these leaked conversation audio. Exclusive with Faking News

Trump: Welcome to America

Modi: My pleasure


Trump: You want some covfefe?

Modi: I like Chai


Trump: So what’s up?

Modi: We have scrapped Article 370 in Kashmir

Trump: Good. I will build a Trump tower there

Modi: First build the Mexican Wall, then think about Kashmir

Trump: What’s the progress on Ram Mandir?

Modi: The weather is so nice today


Trump: I heard Millenials are stopping your economy from growing

Modi: I heard Melania Bhabhi has stopped staying with you in the White House

Trump: Ya, the weather is actually nice today


Trump: I want to deport the illegal immigrants from America

Modi: Contact Amit Shah, he will email you the NRC plan


Trump: I also want to send crooked Hillary in the jail

Modi: Contact Amit Shah. He will email you the Chidambaram plan


Trump: US is facing mass shooting problem

Modi: Contact Ami..

Trump: Don’t tell me

Modi: He is good with gun control too


Trump: Looks like I will have to invite Amit Shah to America

Modi: Don’t do that

Trump: Why?

Modi: He will form a government here, and you will lose your job