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Leaving fighting panelists to settle on their own news anchor leaves the show in the middle and goes for shopping

17, Aug 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: Many TV audiences have written to News Broadcasters Association (NBA) complaining about news anchors missing from their TV screen, possibly from studios when the debate is on.

Sandeep Singh, an avid news watcher who is attempting this year civil services examination for the sixth time is upset with this latest trend. While speaking to us, he said, “There are news anchors who are paid much more than the first citizen of India, i.e. President. When they themselves decide the topic beforehand, choose their panelists and put hashtags to advertise them, why they cannot be present full time to encourage the fighting spirit displayed by their panelists.”

“Though I do not understand much from the ‘discussion’, I just watch it for my daily relaxation. I have noticed as long as anchor is there, he tries to bring the debate back on track as panelists always try to derail it and go as per their convenience. Once anchor is not there, the panelists speak whatever they want. Sometimes I am afraid some panelist might hit other one during live discussion. That would be a sad day,” said Sandeep.

“That’s why I have requested NBA to come with a guideline on mandatory presence of anchors all through the debate. No running away in between to do some last-minute shopping because your spouse asked for it or pick your kid from some guitar or dancing classes,” said Sandeep.

Sandeep added, “Agree no one can sit through full three hours, more so if you smoke or need a cup of coffee to recharge your throats. Utilize the breaks properly, if needed have extended breaks.”

In the meantime, a news anchor after the break when he re-joined the debate, found two panelists have completely reversed their ‘roles’. “For convenience of our viewers, we display on screen who is going to say in support of the topic and who against it. These two panelists have reversed their positions. It was all chaos. My training before the program went for a toss, now I have to do it again tomorrow with a new group,” said the anchor.