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Man beaten up by journalists for not knowing religion of people who beat him up earlier

03, Apr 2016 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi: A man was reportedly beaten up by a group of journalists after he failed to recall the caste and religion of the people who had beaten him up earlier.

One of the two beatings Tadapit received
One of the two beatings Tadapit received

Tadapit Kumar, a resident of Mehrauli in Delhi, was beaten up by about ten news journalists, both from print and TV media, who had come to his house to report on the beatings Tadapit Kumar took earlier in the day. Tadapit was beaten earlier in the day by a group of boys after an argument over a parking spot on a busy Delhi road. Tadapit suffered a broken left hand as a result of that beating.

“How can you not remember the caste or religion of the men beating you up? That is the first thing I would take note of if I was getting beaten up,” a senior editor of a Noida based national channel said.

“Every man who is getting beaten up should have the courtesy to find out the caste and religion of his attackers so that news channels can properly report the incident. Now how do we know if he was beaten up over Caste differences, communal issues, Beef eating or for refusing to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai? Then same people will say quality of reporting is going down.” Said the news anchor of a leading English news channel.

When Tadapit tried to say that it was an incident of road rage, he was slapped again and told to keep quiet by a journalist.

As Tadapit, who suffered a broken hand in the first beating and a broken leg in the journalists beating, got up to leave for work for his job as a mall security guard, the group of journalists revealed that they plan to camp at his house, hoping that they will eventually figure out a caste or religion angle.