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Man falls from 3rd floor while trying to explain his 10 yr old son about stock market crash, media calls it suicide

26, Aug 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: In a freak incident, Rajan Verma, a software engineer who was trying to explain the stock market crash to his 10 year old son, fell from his 3rd floor flat here in Mumbai.

New reporter trying her best to report the truth
News reporter trying her best to report the truth

Speaking to Faking News while recuperating at a local hospital he said, “For the past few days, the stock market crash has been flashing across all news channels. My son Rohan, just like kids his age was inquisitive about the stock market. The only way I could explain a crash to a 10 year old was by showing him a falling object. I got too close to the window and lost my balance.”

Fortunately Mr. Verma suffered only a few bruises and a fractured leg and is expected to recover in a few weeks. However, what appeared like an accident was quickly twisted by the media as suicide. News channels were already carrying reports that Mr. Verma had attempted suicide owing to losses in the stock market.

Mr. Verma said, “I don’t know from where they got to know about my fall. It’s like they were hiding in the bush and waiting for me to fall. The moment I regained my composure after the fall, a news reporter shoved the mike in my face and asked me ‘aapko kaisa lag raha hai, kya aap zinda hai’. Before I could say anything, she was already looking into the camera and saying ‘dekha aapne, ek aur suicide. Kya sarkaar iska jawab degi’. I tried to reason but they just wouldn’t listen.”

“By evening there was a swarm of media persons outside my house all waiting to get my interview. Some were visibly disappointed that I was still alive after the fall. Others requested if I could play dead or pretend I was in coma. I am sure they are still waiting outside my house. I have requested the doctors to let me stay at the hospital for a few more days,” he concluded.