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Man finally interested in Indrani Mukerjea case thanks to relentless media coverage

02, Sep 2015 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Rajesh Thapar, a 37-year-old businessman living in Borivali, has finally expressed interest in knowing some details about the Sheena Bora murder case involving the now-famous media personality Indrani Mukerjea.

“What this shit is all about?” Rajesh asked his friend who was watching a news channel showing live updates about the case, “I have also seen news channels airing this but didn’t bother earlier. Hai kya yeh?”

The interest expressed by Rajesh is being seen as one of the biggest achievement of Indian TV news media, which has been religiously covering this case that deals with issues like crime, relationships, money, Suhel Seth, helmet, and alternate spellings of surnames.

The details that Rajesh is receiving now. He hopes to be an expert on the issue by the end of the day.
The details that Rajesh is receiving now. He hopes to be an expert on the issue by the end of the day.

“We were indeed concerned when we got to know about Rajesh, who was simply indifferent to a case that was being followed by us 24×7,” Managing Editor of a news channel told Faking News, “But now we’ve been proven right. We will make sure Rajesh knows everything about the case, including why Indrani refused to have capsicums in the sandwich that was ordered in Paris that night.”

When contacted, Rajesh confirmed that he was now interested in knowing more about the case.

“Frankly I was entirely pissed off since last few days with this crap all over every news channel,” he said, “But then I saw some WhatsApp jokes and Facebook status messages about this, I felt very odd at not having understood them. So I thought to update myself with the latest information.”

Sources say that earlier Rajesh had tried to understand why inflation figures seem to be under control while prices of onions are on rise, but gave up on that and thought to understand the Indrani Mukerjea case instead.

“This is what appears more relevant as every news channel is talking about it,” he said.

After watching news channels for a couple of hours, Rajesh confirmed that he was finding it “helpful” and “worth it”.

“I had stopped watching news channels after I couldn’t get answers about economy that I was looking for, but this case has the best of both Kumkum Bhagya and Crime Patrol – two of my favorite TV shows – I’m interested in watching TV news again,” he explained.