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Man mistakes Panama Leaks as a leak in the Panama canal, gives out flood warning

09, Apr 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Bangalore: A local man reportedly mistook Panama Leaks as a leak in the Panama canal and started giving out frantic flood warning on Facebook to all the people in Panama.

If you are worried about floods, relax. The Panama leaks have nothing to do with the canal
If you are worried about floods, relax. The Panama leaks have nothing to do with the canal

He later realized his mistake after being explained the true nature of the leaks by his MBA aspirant friend.

We spoke to his close friend and roommate for more details, “Well Ticklu returned from work last Saturday frantically excited and was going on about some leak in Panama and thereby inferring it to be in the Panama canal. I personally wasn’t aware of any canal in Panama as the only canal I know is the Whitefield Canal where I and my co-workers go to get high. So after returning home Ticklu logged into Facebook and updated his status to Praying for everyone in Panama’ and then started dishing out unsolicited flood warning to everyone he could find which included the people who mistook Panama as some kind of Pajama.”

He soon received a cult following with everyone changing their DP to Noah’s Ark and sending personal messages to everyone to brace themselves to a watery Armageddon. He even sent warning letters and a questionnaire to the management of Suez canal in order to be certain about the safety of their establishment,” Ticklu’s friend added.

“He was finally called out by his manager who posted as to what the Panama Leaks really mean and later denied his onsite and increment request stating lack of basic awareness and even summoned him to a special 12 hour Sunday workday as part of a made up rehabilitation program. He has also become a laughing stock of everyone in the office who even though didn’t know anything about the Panama papers but were smart enough to stay quiet about it,” he concluded.

Ticklu now has started outraging against Aishwarya Rai in order to redeem himself after her name appeared in the leaks.