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Man relieved after seeing Satya Nadella mention “India” in ToI interview

10, Mar 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

Hyderabad. Ganesh Babu, a local youth, expressed a huge sigh of relief today after reading Satya Nadella’s interview in The Times of India first thing in the morning, where the new Microsoft CEO mentioned “India” every time he was asked about India.

“I had been restless and depressed ever since I came to know that Nadella had not thanked India enough after becoming CEO. I felt like committing suicide,” Ganesh claimed.

The 26 years old man, who is looking for a job, was the only person in India who was looking forward to Nadella talking about India, unconfirmed sources tell Faking News.

Satya Nadella
He is signalling “Two cheers for India” through his hands, sources claim.

Now he is happy and content.

“It has motivated me a lot to leave my country and then do something great for my country,” said a visibly jubilant Ganesh.

Friends close to Ganesh say that while he was equally happy when Satya Nadella was announces as Microsoft’s new CEO, he had started behaving weird after many Indian newspapers noted that Nadella had not underscored his Indian roots and connections after taking charge.

“He would start his Windows Laptop daily hoping to get an update, but will get updates only from Adobe and iTunes. He followed Satya on Twitter and was disappointed to see not a single tweet from him tweet about India, Cricket, or Telangana,” one of Ganesh’s friends revealed.

“He was depressed and he slowly started living an offline life,” the friend added, “That’s how he got back to reading a newspaper, and this morning, he couldn’t believe his eyes.”

To celebrate this occasion, Ganesh has been distributing laddoos and bursting crackers in his neighborhood. He has also started an online petition demanding Bharat Ratna for the journalist who interviewed Satya Nadella and got him to talk about India.

Ganesh claims that it was an achievement as significant as Nadella becoming Microsoft’s CEO.