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Man saved from news channel debates as visiting mother-in-law watches TV serials

17, Sep 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Praveen, a news addict who’d compulsively watch almost every news channel and follow every debate on current affairs, was spared of this daily torture thanks to his visiting mother-in-law, who took the custody of TV remote and watched all the prime-time soap operas.

“I was a bit irritated as she started watching Balika Vadhu when I wanted to check out news a few days back,” 28-year-old Praveen recalled how his mother-in-law, who arrived last week from Patna, derailed his evening routine.

Television News Debate
Praveen felt like pulling up each and every strand of hair from Suhel Seth’s and his own head after watching such Television news debates, yet he compulsively watched all such debates.

Praveen’s mother-in-law, whose name Praveen couldn’t recall after multiple attempts, was visiting him for the first time since his wedding that took place in February this year.

“My wife too joined her mother in watching those shows even though she never used to watch them earlier. I was isolated and had no choice,” Praveen informed how he too was forced to watch TV soaps instead of his daily dose of television news.

However, within a couple of days, Praveen realized that he was feeling rather better and relaxed after skipping those news channels and studio discussions on current affairs.

“I was a bit irritated with those saas-bahu fights, but then I thought they were not as cacophonous and vacuous as fights that Arnab Goswami ignites in his studio,” Praveen told Faking News.

A couple of days more, and Praveen started feeling much better. He felt no outrage, except a mild one towards his mother-in-law, and he could talk at peace with his wife before going to bed – a sharp contrast to his earlier routine where after watching TV news, he would log into Twitter and start fighting with people who disagreed with him on any issue.

“Man, actually I should be thankful to her,” said a visibly relaxed and happy Praveen, who had not watched any TV news show or debate for over a week now.

“She’s going back tomorrow, but thank god ICC World Twenty20 tournament starts after that,” he added, “I will have another excuse to miss television news.”