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Man shocked to find no front page ads in Times of India, accuses neighbor of stealing first 6 pages

27, Nov 2014 By gugu

New Delhi. Pravin Kumar got the shock of his life today morning when he found his daily advertorial newspaper, The Times of India without ads on the front page.

Pravin’s wife Kunti says her husband is so used to having the first 6 pages full of ads that he turns pages 6 times without looking, to get to page number 1. Today that habit brought him to page number 12. He is said to have been stunned and did not move for two full minutes as he stared at the paper in disbelief.

Not to be confused with HP's catalogue.
Not to be confused with HP’s catalogue.

“He is a heart patient and such incidents are not good for his health,” says Kunti, who plans to write to the TOI editor-in-chief, requesting him to not try such gimmicks on paper’s subscribers as results could be fatal.

However Pravin’s shock soon turned into anger when he realized his neighbor Pankaj may have nicked those pages from his newspaper. Sources tell Faking News that Pankaj is a local social activist who is trying to spread awareness of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

“He usually uses pages from the Times of India to demonstrate to the public, how waste paper must go straight into the dustbin and nowhere else,” says Kunti.

Our Faking News reporter promptly called up Pankaj to know his side of the story.

“This is outrageous. Why would I steal Ad pages to trash? We follow a strict rule of dumping only waste paper and hence always carry the main pages of the TOI. After all, those ads are the most informative pieces of paper that they print,” a visibly affected Pankaj explained his side of story.

Meanwhile to avoid such incidents, ToI is planning to now have first 12 pages as ads, so that even if somebody loses first 6 pages there are still 6 more pages of ads to read.