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Manipur plans to adopt odd-even formula to get some media attention

05, Jan 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Agartala Shillong Arunachal Pradesh Imphal (?) – Dejected after getting ignored once again by the national media, Manipur has come up with a new plan to get some attention towards itself. Manipur Government has decided to adopt Delhi’s Odd-Even car rule in the state to get the attention of national media.

10 points if you can find Manipur on this map within 10 seconds
10 points if you can find Manipur on this map within 10 seconds

Manipur Government decided to take this step after National media largely ignored Monday’s earthquake in the state measuring 6.7 on the Richter scale. The struggles of Manipuri people, the challenges they face and the support they require from their fellow Indians after this latest tragedy are largely unknown to the rest of the country due to the tyranny of distance between Delhi and North-East India.

Speaking to Faking News over the phone, A Manipur Government official Naresh Luwang said, “We are sick and tired of getting ignored. Indians had more information about Kim Kardashian’s latest photo shoot in an hour than the information they have on Manipur earthquake even after a day. This is depressing and deeply insulting to the people of Manipur. This is not the first time that it happened either. The historic floods in the state during last Monsoon got less national coverage than a pipe leak in Delhi.”

Explaining Manipur Government’s rationale behind selecting odd-even policy, Mr Luwang said, “We knew that the conventional news stories are no longer going to cut it so we did a study to find out what could we do to highlight our troubles. We browsed through all the stories on National TV yesterday and it was all about this Odd-Even policy interspersed with commercial breaks showing Pathankot attacks. Now we can’t rely on Pakistan to send terrorists all the way to Manipur so we have zeroed in on the Odd-Even policy”

When we asked whether Manipur really needs this policy since pollution levels are pretty low in the state, Mr Luwang got a bit angry and said, “Do you think Odd-Even policy is to reduce pollution? It is to ensure journalists reach their destinations quickly and we want those guys to reach Imphal as soon as possible.”

As per sources, if this step doesn’t work, Manipur Government plans to invite Lalit Modi for a vacation to attract leading Indian journalists.