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Times Now studios to be converted into Newshour themed bar and restaurant

03, Nov 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: With Arnab Goswami resigning from Times Now, the Times Group management has decided to scrap the Newshour at 9 PM and instead, convert the location into a newsroom themed bar and restaurant.


The bar will be called “The Booze Nation” and be open Monday to Sunday from 5 PM to 1 AM. However, the happy hours wouldn’t be during late afternoons, but between 9PM-11PM in memory of the Newshour.

Speaking to Faking News, media spokesperson of the media-house said, “Arnab is no longer going to be with us. He might have left us but his memories in this studio will continue as we convert this place into a newsroom themed bar and restaurant. The Newshour ambiance will be maintained, with flashes of blue and red lights everywhere in the bar.”

“You friends will not be allowed to speak when you’re ordering something, and this will be the first rule. Also, you won’t be able to dodge Bartender’s questions without proper justification. Newshour recordings will be played continuously from 5 pm till we close, and every effort will be made to ensure the atmosphere is noisy. To attract news-junkie patrons, we’ve have hired a DJ to play the debates seamlessly one after the other,” said the spokesperson.

As per our experts, Times Group is moving in the right direction as debates will be the future of youth gatherings, and it won’t be a surprise if channels like NDTV, News X and India Today come up with their own bars in future after ousting their TRP grossing journalists.