Mumbai Police taping Arnab's mouth shut while interrogating him

27, Apr 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: After the Palghar lynching attack somehow turned into Arnab Goswami vs Sonia Gandhi, Mumbai Police has registered a case against the Republic Owner cum Chief Editor cum Anchor cum Loudspeaker.


Hundreds of FIRs were lodged against Arnab Goswami across the country for something (we aren’t exactly sure what), and Mumbai Police had called Mr Goswami to the Police Station to interrogate him over the incident.

However, as per sources, Mumbai Police found it really tough to interrogate Mr Goswami, and struggled to complete even a single question for the first 3 hours. Frustrated with the lack of progress, they finally decided to put a tape over Arnab’s mouth, so that they can interrogate him without any interruptions.

Speaking to Faking News, a Mumbai Police official said, “Kya aadmi hai yaar, he didn’t let us complete even a single question for hours. After every 2 words from us, he would jump in and ask a question back from us, and his questions were 15-15 minutes long. He even tried to involve the other people present in the Police Station, asking them to join in and give their views aur ye dineshan kaun hai and why does he want to know so many things?”

“Finally we were left with no option but to tape his mouth shut. This is not helping much with the answers, but at least we are able to complete our questions. Lets take this partial victory while we can”, the official added.

Meanwhile, Congress Party leaders have said that if Arnab can’t be jailed for his comments, then he should at least be sent to 2 weeks quarantine after contacting so many people in the Police Station, so that they get 2 weeks’ respite from him.