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Mumbai residents mistake sounds from Ganpati Visarjan for Arnab's Newshour

18, Sep 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Residents of the city residing in and around Parel today mistook noise coming from Ganesh Visarjan processions for Arnab’s Noisehour Newshour. Many residents made frantic phone calls to police and other human rights organizations complaining of their discomfort.

Sources say for the last 4-5 years just when clock strikes 9 in the evening, curfew gets imposed in the Island city. Even today many people were as usual inside the bunkers created by them and were waiting for the clock to strike 10: 30 when they would come out. But when loud sounds started coming inside their bunkers, they couldn’t take it anymore.

Arnab Goswami
Arnab sweeping away all other sounds

“Noise emanating from Times Now’s studio is a regular affair for us, something we have made our bodies and eardrums accustomed to. We knew Arnab will come back extra rejuvenated after having gone missing for a few days, but the noise was just too much. We wondered if Arnab had invited Rajdeep and Barkha too to his studios or if he had launched nuclear attack on Pakistan. Then there were also doubts if it was the presence of Some Jha on the show that was making him go berserk,” explained a resident how the noise left them restless.

“But it was only later that we realized that the noise was because of devotees taking part in Ganpati Visarjan,” the resident added, “But you know, this barrier can be broken any day by Arnab. We need to make our bunkers more secure.”

Experts tell Faking News that for an average Mumbaikar, every hour in a day is like a Ganpati Visarjan day, so its but natural for people to confuse source of any loud noise with Arnab Goswami.

“We have been trying to teach our 1-year-old baby for last few months to speak Mama, Papa, etc. but we got a shock of our life when his first words were The nation wants to know,” claimed a lady staying 5 kms from the Times Now studio.

But ardent worshipers of the Arnab are not pleased with such accusations and defamations of their god. “This guy is a boon to the mankind. You know much electricity we save when he is at the helm? We don’t have to switch on television to listen to his diktats debates; In our society, one family switches on their TV and the voice reaches rest of us,” said a Bandra Sewri Boy.

Meanwhile residents of NCR, though not traditionally known to celebrate Ganpati festival with the same fanfare, have decided to change the trend if that gives them some relief from the Delhi based news channels.