NASA to train its astronauts on Bengaluru roads for lunar expedition after video of 'moonwalker' goes viral 

05, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

The image of a moonwalker on Bengalauru road may have got the local administration a lot of flak. But it has inspired the American Space Administration to carry out training programs for its astronauts for future lunar expeditions.

moon landing

Our reporter spoke to a senior NASA official, who said, “We carried out simulations of moon landing previously and found out that astronauts need to be trained on how to walk on the moon’s surface. The moons surface is filled with craters and our crew with their heavy space suits find it difficult to walk on the surface. This problem can be taken care of with training. On previous occasion we tried creating a fake lunar surface for training purpose. But that however didn’t work out that well.”

“When saw the viral video from India it immediately came across as a solution to our problem. So we have not doubt that the Bengaluru road is where our astronauts are going to be trained,” he added.

NASA sources also revealed that a batch of 10 astronauts are already on their way to Bengaluru for the training.

Local BBMP authorities hailed NASA’s visit and wore it like a feather in their cap saying that their efforts are finally being appreciated. “It takes so much effort to maintain these potholes. News channels, activists and woke citizens have been criticizing us for so long. But in spite of all that we have ensure that the beauty of potholes remain intact,” said a BBMP official.