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National media coverage of local Delhi news falls below 89% due to World Cup

31, Mar 2016 By The Reviewer

New Delhi: A report released by TV ratings agency today has revealed that coverage of Delhi local news on National TV has fallen below the average 89% due to the ongoing Cricket World Cup.

Such news have disappeared from national TV due to the World Cup
Such news have disappeared from national TV due to the World Cup

The report said that for the last 2 years, National TV channels have been successfully getting TRPs showing local Delhi politics and other local news to an All India viewership avoiding unnecessary action of actually stepping out of Delhi studios at any cost

“Our reporters were doing the world a service. By staying within the geographical boundaries of Delhi, we cut down on our carbon footprint by as much as 78%. We kept showing Delhi news to an all Indian audience and kept telling them that this is all they need to know but the World Cup ruined our programming. India didn’t play any game at the Kotla so we couldn’t pretend that Delhi matches are the only ones happening at the World Cup”, said a revolutionary senior editor of a leading Hindi news channel.

The national coverage of Delhi state has been going downhill since world cup started and all the coverage has become about cricket. So much so that the nation didn’t even come to know which movie Delhi CM reviewed during the month of March.

One Delhi journalist told us that she tried to make cricket about Delhi too by doing an hour long program on CM Kejriwal’s “Delhi ka munda” tweets to Kohli but the idea was rejected in favour of Kohli’s “Shame” tweet.

Indians living outside Delhi have felt the difference too in the news programming. One news junkie from Madurai said, “I was very surprised when the National English News channels devoted only 2 hrs to Delhi state budget. This is the time they devoted to Arun Jaitley’s budget speech before refocusing on JNU in Delhi. I felt they must be doing the coverage in series but there was nothing on air the next day. Instead of Delhi budget, they were talking about Gaylestorm. Thankfully there were 4 pages of ads in local papers the next day explaining Delhi budget to the people of Madurai.”

Meanwhile, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has accused PM Narendra Modi of hosting this World Cup to take the focus away from Delhi. “Modi doesn’t want nation to know that a street in Rohini Sector 4 got new manhole covers today”, tweeted an angry Kejriwal.